Super Light by Wyke Farms

Luckily for me, cheese is not threatening in the sense that I don’t crave it like proper cheese lovers out there. If I want some, then I tend to eat it melted on toast or perhaps a sprinkle over my jacket potato and beans. I tend to find the full fat versions a bit too rich and sometimes when I’ve bought the half fat brands they are too dry. So I tried Super Light – the new name for Leskol which is made from skimmed milk, vegetable oil and LoSalt. It’s rich in protein and calcium and has added Omega 3 and Omega with only 1.3% saturated fat and roughly 90% less than mature cheddar so it’s a healthy choice naturally.

My verdict……

It was actually nice and  not dry like most reduced fat cheeses but it was bit too salty for me. A bit like those sugar-free drinks that actually taste sweeter than full fat versions. As I said I’m not a natural cheese lover but if you are then this may be a healthier choice for you.

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