Slim Gum

There’s a new chewing gum in town and it’s called Slim Gum. It prizes itself on being a cut above the regular stuff because it contains weight-loss boosting ingredients. The aim of these are to reduce appetite and increase weight loss. The ingredients selected for this gum are based on several studies that they are absorbed faster through the simple motion of chewing, rather than swallowing pills or capsules. So what are these so called magic ingredients?

Green Coffee Bean Extract – proven to burn fat and reduce bodyweight by up to 2.5kg over 60 days.

Chromium – shown to reduce food intake, appetite and cravings for fatty foods.

Thiamin, Biotin and L-Carnitine – these play a part in aiding metabolism, and L-Carnitine is renowned as a fat burner.

Green Tea extract – found to aid weight loss via fat burning and reducing the body’s absorption of fats.

You would need to chew for quite a few weeks to see any difference in the amount you eat and whether indeed it does suppress your hunger. But if you are reaching for gum anyway, you may as well chew this gum. However, retailing at £2.99 for 10 pieces it’s quite a pricy habit. Slim Gum is available from Superdrug. For more information log on to

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