Nature’s Plus KETOslim Almond Crunch Bars

If you’re looking to cut down on carbs and upping your protein intake to shed the pounds, then this may be a bar for you especially if you are on the go. Nature’s Plus KETOslim Almond Crunch bar has been specifically designed to support a low G-I dietary lifestyle. The bar contains almond slices and crispy protein nuggets blended together in a chocolate coating. It actually tasted like a nougat type chocolate bar and was rather tasty. Each bar contains only two grams of carbohydrate and is packed full of high quality natural whey, rice, pea and soy protein to help keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day. It is also gluten free. The KETOslim Almond Crunch Bar is also packed full of vitamins and minerals from over 45 fruit and vegetables, making it an ideal quick, nutritious snack or meal replacement for busy people following low G-I diets and lifestyles. Available from health food stores and, it’s rather expensive at £2.45 so probably best for those emergency times when you need a quick protein fix.

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