Nature’s Plus new Liquid Sunshine Vitamin D3

We’re right in the middle of winter and some of us may be feeling a bit down and less motivated.  In fact some people have such low moods such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder)  that they have to rely on medication to get through the miserable months. However, if you’re not keen on popping pills and want to resort to a natural way of balancing your mood, you can try Nature’s Plus new Liquid Sunshine Vitamin D3. Fortunately I don’t suffer from SAD so when asked to try it I asked my mum if she wouldn’t mind taking it as she does.  She did report that she felt so much better this winter than she has done in the past few so perhaps this did help her. Having said that, as well as taking the supplement, my mum has been exercising moderately five times a week with a slow jog/walk combo in the morning and a walk during the day whenever she can to get as much vitamin D to boost her chances of beating SAD.

So what is in this potion?

Well a spoonful of the product gives you a boost of vitamin D3 – the most beneficial form of vitamin D. A deficiency in this vitamin is linked to weak bones & joints, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), poor immune health and hormonal imbalance.  Normally vitamin D3 is absorbed via sun exposure on the skin, but according to scientists supplementing the diet with this vitamin can have an added advantage of slowing down the tick-tock of the ageing clock as it controls inflammation and encourages DNA repair. And finally research has shown that women who are deficient in vitamin D lose weight more slowly.

Nature’s Plus LIQUID SUNSHINE Vitamin D3 5000 IU is  natural and sweetened with real citrus fruit and agave syrup. It’s suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and  free from Gluten and Lactose. It’s available from health food stores nationwide and online ordering through


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