Cherrygood Juice Drink

I don’t drink many juices as I find them a bit heavy on the stomach but I love cherries so I was happy to try Cherrygood, a new juice drink. I found it very light in comparison to other juices and it had a tart taste which was lovely. The cherries used in this drink is the Montmorency cherry, grown in the U.S and has the highest antioxidant level of any fruit with 17 different antioxidant compounds present. The other benefits of cherries are:
  • Anti-inflammatory properties – tart cherries have been shown to significantly reduce muscle pain following rigorous exercise
  • Sleep benefits – tart cherries are one of the very few known food sources of melatonin, crucial to the maintenance of regular sleep patterns
  • Skin booster – cherry juice is rich in vitamin A and its antibacterial properties remove toxins from the blood and fight bacteria trapped under the skin
  • Reduce gout – cherry juice is well known for its ability to help lower blood uric-acid levels and reduce gout pain
  • Heart friendly – emerging studies suggest tart Montmorency cherries may also offer protection against heart disease.
And best of all it counts towards your one a day! It’s got my vote. Cherrygood is available as Original Cherry, Cherry & Berry and new low sugar version Original Cherry Light and is available in most supermarkets.

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