Shock Absorber Bra


I was recently doing some research and stumbled across Shock Absorber latest survey which found that an alarming three quarter of British women don’t wear a sports bra whilst exercising, of which more than a third of these women said it was because they are worried about looking good. Some women even said they would wear two bras instead or wear a tight top, just to look good!

So why is a sports specific bra important? Because the delicate connective tissue within the breast known as the Cooper’s ligament can be strained and stretched by movement, which in turn can lead to irreversible breast sagging. Saggy boobs anyone?! Er, no thanks! So merely fishing something out from your knicker drawer isn’t going to cut.

The research carried out by sports bra maker Shock Absorber, use da “bounce-o-meter”, found even women with an A cup averaged 4cm of movement when running with no bra. So it’s no surprise that by the time you got up to a G cup, that measurement was 14cm.

What should we look for in a good bra then?

1. Get a proper fitting. This means getting a professional fitting rather than ducking into the changing room with a bundle of bras and picking one that you think looks the best!

2. The band around the bottom of the bra should be a snug fit. 80% of the support comes from the band, so if you slip your shoulders out of the straps the bra should stay in place.

3.The breasts need to be fully encased in the bra meaning no spillage out the sides.

4.Don’t be tempted to get a smaller size thinking you’ll fit into it further down the track when you lose some pounds. Buy a bra that fits now because believe it or not your boobs are the last place the weight comes off.

5. Have a good jump around in the bra you’re trying on. You need to make your boobs are moving as little as possible.

A good sports bra is a bit of an investment piece so expect to pay a bit towards it. I find Shock Absorber bra’s supportive, comfortable and trendy! I’m trying out their latest bounce o meter sports bra, and so far so good. I’ve done body combat, circuits, a run, boxing and pilates and it’s good to know that I’ve been supported thoughout those sessions!

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