Lynne Robinson’s Pilates DVD 2012

Sometimes we get so obsessed with doing cardio and burning calories that we entirely forget about the importance of building a strong core in order to carry us through those tough cardio sessions.,

Why, too often than not, we see celebrities trying to squeeze back into their size 0 jeans within days of giving birth by running straight into cardio workouts.

But what they should be doing is building their foundations through a discipline like pilates.

And so among the rows and rows of fitness dvd’s making their appearances on shelves out there, celebrity pilates instructor Lynne Robinson has her brand dvd firmly placed there too.

Pilates The Core Workout is aimed for pretty much anyone and centres on core stability.

It also incorporates the Pilates principles of concentration; relaxation; alignment; breathing; centring; co-ordination; flowing movements and stamina.
For novices, the Fundamentals of good Pilates practice are clearly explained and all of the Core Workout exercises have a beginner’s version to follow.

And there’s also a bonus feature for the ultimate master class!

I, myself have been doing pilates for two years now and swear that it has helped me strengthen my abs no end helping me to run faster.

It’s also made me become more aware of how I am using my body. I’m definitely more aware of my posture and movements in day to day tasks. Therefore I did find the DVD somewhat a little easier so when I was offered the option to do the harder version, I took up the challenger.

After the initial workout, the dvd features an Ab Blaster section specifically designed to challenge your core.

if you’re already a Pilates addict then this really will be a good challenge.

So I have to admit that when I got to this section, I wasn’t that smug in my capabilities afterall!

And you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this workout is meant only for women. Perhaps its time nudge your old man and tell them how important it is for them to build their core strength. A wide range of elite athletes, including the England cricket team and GB Olympic rowers regularly practice pilates. So it’s an all rounder exercise for everyone.

As my own favourite pilates teacher Julie Huggard, who teaches in the Reading, Berkshire area says: “The good news is that it can be practised by anyone of any age or ability. no matter what your physical condition from the first time exerciser to the top athlete, from sufferers of back, hip or neck problems, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis pr pregnant women. It also helps those with disabilities, and in rehab from accident or severe injuries and the elderly.”


The Pilates The Core Workout is available to buy on DVD from and  and is priced at: £14.99

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