Linda McCartney

If you’re one of those people who want to try and eat more healthily (clearly that’s why you’re reading my blog!) and cut down on the amount of meat you eat, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are loads of options out there open to you.

Gone are the days when the vegetarian palette consisted of a mere lettuce leaves, boring veg thrown together with some carb dense food like pasta.

Nowadays you can expect to stumble across a wide range of meat free foods that are filling and delicious

Tofu and soya based products have been around now for a decade or two and are making real headlines.

Perhaps one of the most well known of these is the Linda McCartney range.

They have a wide range of food from meat free burgers to sausages to pies and minced dishes and many more.

The company is constantly coming up with a new range of products to offer customers new choices without boredom setting in

They’ve just recently launched the new Mini Snack vegetarian Sausages which is a miniature version of the existing vegetarian sausage .

Made from wheat protein and containing just 30 calories per sausage makes them a perfect protein option for a veggie post workout or as part of nibbled with that important glass of wine!

Also new to the range are the Rosemary and Red Onion Sausages, which contain just 60 calories per sausage – a third of the usual pork sausage.

Sometimes these veggie alternatives to meat taste so good that they are hard to differentiate between the real thing.

Or as I said before you may just be wishing to cutting down on meat and eating foods like these may make it easier.

In 2009, the Meat Free Monday campaign was launched as a simple and straightforward way to give up meat for one day each week, to help save money, save the climate and live a healthier lifestyle.

It has the full backing of Sir Paul McCartney and seems to be a huge success.

Well, whatever your views on meat, if you ever wanted to venture out into vegetarianism or just wanted to cut down on the meat that you consume, it’s worth getting a bit adventurous and trying out foods which you may just end up liking!

Happy munching 🙂

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