You jump on the scales and you’ve lost some weight. What a wonderful feeling!

And then you look in the mirror and there is still fat hanging around those notoriously stubborn areas like the stomach, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs.

Most of us have resigned to the fact that some areas will always be harder to shift the fat from, but apparently there is a solution.

Celebrities like Cheryl Cole and Robbie Williams have already developed a rapport with this technology system which promises to transform bodies with half the effort of a typical gym workout.

I was offered the chance to trial Hypoxi at a studio in the heart of the city in London and I wasn’t going to say no!

The unit itself is a funny looking machine. It comprises of a sealed pod with a cycle trainer inside it.

Once set up on the cycle trainer, you’ll fit what is basically a skirt from a kayak and the pod is essentially airtight. It feels like you’re in a pressure chamber.

A computerised pump then modifies the pressure inside the pod depending on the programme that has been chosen to cycle between negative and positive pressure.

As you gently pedal, the low pressure capsules targets the benefits of the lower body, improving the circulation of blood and oxygen

The Hypoxi targets fat in ‘problem zones’ b y encouraging blood flow to the outer layers of the tissue beneath the skin, where much of the body’s fat is stored and is generally lacking in blood flow.

You can usually feel this by way of a particularly cold burn, especially around the areas of fat concentration.

Does it work though?

There does seem to be a lot of interest in this type of therapy which is widely used in Austria after it was invented by an Austrian sports scientist.

And there is evidence from those that have followed the guidelines on when and how to use it that it works.

It’s recommended that a course of 12 30 minute treatments are needed to see results combined with a sensible diet. The cost of the treatments if from £450.

I had one lesson which clearly would not be enough to see any results.

However, it’s hailed a success by busy working women in London who book themselves in for sessions during the lunchtime.

What’s more because it’s low aerobic exercise, you don’t even break a sweat, yet still getthe results.

So yes you can have a workout and your lunch both in an hour!

If you want to try Hypoxi for yourself or want more information, log on to info@hyproxizone.co.uk

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