Hed Kandi – Fit & Fabulous 2012

We don’t need boffins to tell us that exercise and music go hand in hand. We know that ourselves.

I mean how often have we been feeling sluggish and tired but the moment we’ve heard our fave tune on the radio or our ipod that we all of a sudden have broken into a dance move?

And that is what Hed Kandi aims to do with its latest Fit and Fabulous 2012 fitness inspired music release.

If the miserable weather is hampering your efforts on getting fit, then let this music uplift your spirits and get you moving.

The hour-long compilation includes an exclusive selection of handpicked dance floor anthems from Hed Kandi resident DJ record boxes across the globe.

Artists and producers such as Kitten & The Hip, Stonebridge, Solitaire, Ghosts of Venice, Yasmin and Hed Kandi’s own DJ Carl Hanaghan all feature on this track.

It features 24 upbeat and dynamic tracks as well as 2 bonus mixes which literally took me on a journey a far away in my head while still doing my workout at the gym.

The good thing about this music is that the beats will literally take you through the warm up, cardio, lift tone and stretch.

It’s a well known fact that music enhances a workout, it makes you work harder without realising it and it makes the workout go faster.

Now, you may be too old or not want to go to Ibiza, but this music will sure motivate you to have the perfect Ibiza body!

Better still the music is ready for download on December 18th from iTunes at £6.99 just in time for Christmas so you will still have time to squeeze a few sessions in!

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