Ok, so you’ve overdone it this Christmas – again! But it wasn’t enough to stop you from doing it again on New Year’s.

But there’s no point in fretting over something that is already done.

Because there’s a wave of articles out there about “getting fit in the new year” not to mention all the gadgets out there to get you inspired.

However, there is one gadget I have come across that claims to inspire people to exercise more, eat better and live healthier lifestyles.

The company has developed an ultra-compact wireless wearable sensor, called the Fitbit Ultra  that automatically tracks data about a person’s activities, such as calories burned, sleep quality, steps climbed and distance.

The gadget is already taking America by storm so it was only a matter of time it made its way here to the UK.

The Fitbit Ultra is a tiny USB key shaped dongle that you can clip to a belt or necklace.

There is a single button that cycles through the hidden display, revealing the time, how many steps you’ve taken, how many stairs you’ve climbed and how many calories you have burned.

You can also hold the button to log activities such as sleeping and skiing.

The device’s accelerometer and state-of-the-art altimeter technology work together to track movement from climbing the stairs so there is no confusion with taking a lift or escalator.

Online, Fitbit.con compares daily climb activities to well-known landmarks around the world such as The Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu and even Big Ben’s 389 steps.

Fitbit  collects activity data automatically while its worn by the user all day.

The collected data is then wirelessly uploaded to a website where the wearer can see their data and track their progress toward their progress toward personal goals.

And if there is that competitive streak in you, the website provides a motivational interface where users can share their progress, compare themselves against similar people and work toward virtual goals with their friends, family and co-workers.

At the website, users can also manually log nutrition, weight and other health information in order to gain a complete picture of their health.

Fitbit’s online motivational support is available on your PC or Mobile, or via Fitbit’s iPhone app (well mobile website). It also includes a stopwatch – so that users can challenge themselves to beat a previous time and a clock.

Fitbit Ultra is available to pre-order now at major etailers such as Amazon,Firebox and and will be available to order online from and at high street retailers from 3rd January.


The device, available in blue or plum, will cost £79.99.

 For more info head to

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