Egoist Body Studios

Fancy a whole body workout that will leave you feeling more elegant than sweaty piece of mess?

Then a workout at Egoist Body is right up your street.

Arguably one of the most gorgeous studios in London, Egoist Body offers a real change from the sweaty mainstream fitness clubs.

The studio is the brainchild of two bohemian sisters Lina and Aiste who have been professionally trained and dancing since the age of five having won many championships worldwide.

They opened up the studio after failing to find anything similar in London and wanted to create an ambience of tranquillity and calm while still achieving your body’s full potential.

As soon as I walked in the Georgian mansion complete with chandelier and a shabby chic décor I felt relaxed.

I had opted to do the “love your tummy workout” which is a fusion of pilates and yoga moves but with even more emphasis on the core muscles.

Now as someone that regularly does pilates classes I thought I would know it all.

But I was amazed how much more I was able to learn about engaging my core as I done various exercises while lying on my back, on my front and sat upright.

It really helped that the class was small as are all the other classes I’m told, as Lina, the instructor was able to come around to us members to correct our posture.

And the difference it made was huge, and it made me realise how our bodies will always opt to use muscles that we are used to using.

So Lina explained how we need to use the correct muscles and strengthen them and not be lazy and recruit muscles that shouldn’t be.

I was actually just getting into the groove when I realised we were cooling down and stretching out.

It was the quickest half hour I ever experienced but 30 minutes that my muscles will remember!

I certainly felt them the next day and I know I had given them a great workout.

Egoist Body do a range of classes from yoga to pilates, from ballet to dance and an array of fitness classes.

They are planned as such to fit into your daily routine whether that be in your lunch hour, after work or indeed the weekend.

As I said these classes aim to offer you more than just a workout of the body – it’s a great workout for the mind too.

It’s a place where you can go to and shut yourself from the hectic pace of life that is London.

Go on and spoil yourself!

For information on the studios and classes on offer, check out

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