Davina: Ultimate Target

It’s that time of year again when celebrities – and want to be celebrities – are all queueing up to release their fitness DVD’s for the New Year.

And as always Davina McCall is not one to be left behind.

In fact some people will even go as far as saying that Davina is the queen of Fitness.

Well with Davina being the number 1 selling fitness brand of the last eight years, with sales exceeding 1.3 million units across the best selling, they may well have a point.

But will her latest DVD “Davina: UltimateTarget” be just as good? I guess only time will tell but in the meantime I was eager to try it out for myself!

As always Davina’s cheeky personality was there from the start which always helps to relax you.

She knows it’s a tough workout but wants you to know that working out can be fun rather than a chore.

And with her trainers -husband and wife duo Jackie and Mark Wren, she takes us through a series of different sections which you can target to meet your specific needs, with the usual proviso that you combine it with a healthy diet, of course.

There are two self-contained 30 minute workouts, a fantastic abs routine and three target workouts to focus on those problem areas.

The DVD starts off with Jackie’s warm up which gently eases you into the workout.

It’s gentle to start off with but gradually builds you up into a sweat before you’ve even begun the workout.

The Fabulous Fatburner section is the real heart rate raiser.

This half an hour cardio workout combines dance and high impact moves to some fantastic Latino music.

I have to say that the music is really lifts you and makes you think you’re at the Notting Hill carnival and not actually doing a workout!

My heart rate was high all the way through and I knew I was fat-burning all the way throughout the routine.

And then comes Mark’s Brilliant Bootcamp section which as the name suggests is a real hard core toning routine.

Personally I loved this section as it felt as it was targeting specific areas – such as getting amazing abs like Davina.

And if she can get them at the age of 43, after having children, then it’s enough to inspire the rest of us.

To be honest I didn’t realise exactly which ones until a day later when I ached in placed I never thought I ached before!

And finally there are the three short but very effective target workouts, targeting even more specific problem areas.

The Bingo Wings to help you ditch those flabby arms, Summer Shoulders and Bikini Bum for shapely legs and bum.

The beauty of these are that if you’re short of time, you can do just one or two of these combined with the warm up and cool down.

Did I do the whole DVD in one go? Hell no! I was breaking into a sweat after the warm up alone!

But I did do the cardio section workout in one go and did the target sections combined with the warm up and cool down another time.

And that’s what the beauty about the dvd is. It is designed for individuals to help target their exercise routine to meet specific fitness needs.

What’s more the Davina: Ultimate Target has just been releases so it’s perfect timing for those wanting to tone up either before or after the Christmas and New Year festivities.

With that Latino music, you’ll be having a party on your own anyhow!

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