Bamboo Towel

Bamboo Towel

As someone who frequently showers at the gym and then drags their gym kit with them as they go off to socialise straight after, it’s horrible to then be confronted by a smelly towel several hours afterwards when I remember to take it out.

So I welcomed to try out a towel that promised to put an end to my smelly, wet towel misery.

Bamboo textiles has created a collection of naturally ant-bacterial bamboo clothing and textile products  – from robes and gym sweat towels and bedding.

I used the gym sweat towel during my workout to wipe away sweat.

I thought because it was made from bamboo, it was going to be rough. But the towel was super soft to touch yet thinner than a conventional towel

Despite working up a good sweat (clearly I worked really hard J ) I deliberately splashed my face with water and used the towel to wipe it off to check how effective it was at absorbing  water.

And true to what it said on the tin, the towel appeared to be far more absorbent and dried quicker than my regular towel.

It’s also anti-bacterial which is a bonus.

It doesn’t cost the earth either, both financially and ecologically.

This particular towel costs just £4.25 and like the other products is ecologically sustainable than cotton.

The whole range is available to buy exclusively online at

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