Deskfest Challenge Day 4

This morning I really didn’t have time to faff around my kitchen but that never has to mean compromising breakfast.
So I made my breakfast nice and easy to take with me on the go.
It’s very healthy (clearly, I am Fitlass after all 🙂 ), filling, and won’t have you reaching for the biscuit tin mid morning.
So here is my quick and easy Cold Almond Nutty Supreme Yoghurt.


1/2 cup Alpro pouring yoghurt
2 tbsp Almond Milk
1 tsp Almond extract
1 tbsp chopped almonds
Maple syrup or honey to taste

Combine together the milk, yoghurt and almond extract until blended.
Add the chopped almonds and drizzle with the maple/honey syrup.

And as you can see, I just put it in my Tupperware box to take with me on the go. Don’t forget a spoon!

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Deskfest Challenge Day 3

There are days when you just want to eat stodgy food especially when the weather is so cold and miserable.
But stodgy does not have to mean unhealthy.
Here’s my great winter warmer breakfast which will keep you nice and toasty both inside and out!

Easy Cook Oat Cookie With Almond Milk



1/3 cup porridge oats
1/3 cup unsweetened Alpro almond milk
1 tsp dark cocoa
1 tsp vanilla essence
Dash of salt
1 tsp natural peanut butter

Stir together the porridge, milk, and cocoa powder until the mixture is all blended well.
Add the vanilla essence and salt
Microwave on high for 3 minutes.
Allow to cool slightly before stirring in the peanut butter.

I would love to write more but I need to tuck into this. Go on, have a go, it takes minutes to make!

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Day 2 Deskfest Challenge

So it’s day two of my Deskfest challenge and I just can’t believe how many amazing possibilities there are to make breakfast really scrumptious and delicious within minutes.
Today I have opted to make a Hazlenut Creme Latte because it’s so cold outside and I need warming up with something other than a builders tea. And voila, here’s the lovely concoction I’ve just made and I can’t wait to drink it to warm me through to the core.


So here’s how to make it.

1/2 cup of strong fresh coffee
1 cup steamed Hazlenut Apro soya milk
Sugar or sweetener to taste (optional)
100% dark cocoa powder

Combine all the ingredients in a large mug and sprinkle the dark cocoa powder on top.
Wrap your hands around the mug and ease it into the mouth and enjoy:-)

Honestly so much better than rocking up to your nearest coffee house and paying an arm and a leg for it!

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Are You Up For The Deskfest Breakfast Challenge?

We all know that breakfast is the most important part of the day yet most of us skip it.
We tell ourselves that we ‘don’t have the time’ or ‘I can’t face food in the morning’.
But if we are to be healthy, then we mustn’t neglect it because not only will you be able to function better but it can also help you lose weight in the long run
You see, when we wake up, our body has been in starvation mode and it needs refuelling to help us function throughout the day.
In effect we are ‘breaking the fast’.
And with the growing trend of people eating breakfast ‘on the go’ or at their desks at work, it makes sense to make this very important meal as healthy and creative as possible with minimal effort.
So this week I have decided to take the Alpro deskfest challenge to create five healthy inspirational breakfasts that can be enjoyed at your desk or on the go to show you just how easy it is to kick start your day with a great meal to see you throughout the day.
Today I made a Kiwi and Spinach Rich Chocolate Almond Smoothie.


I used 300ml Alpro Almond Milk
1 kiwi
Handful of spinach
1 tablespoon of dark chocolate powder

I just threw everything into the blender with a couple of ice cubes .
Honestly, try it. You won’t even notice the spinach, yet you’ll get all the goodness from it. Watch out Popeye! Enjoy!

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Shopping…..A Workout You Will Love!

At this time of year, people spend more time in shopping centres than they do in the gym.

It’s pretty evident from my gym at least as I’ve seen fewer and fewer people turning up for their workout sessions and I’m sure this happens at other gyms too.

Ironically, the colder weather and increased temptations for treats is why it’s even more important to stick to your fitness regime.

But if you really can’t pull yourself away from the shops, how about multi-tasking and walk off your weight and get fit at the same time?

Here’s some fun ways to burn those extra calories from the mulled wine and mince pie or two

Park Further Away From The Front Door

Stop driving around in circles trying to find a parking spot that’s almost on the verge of the entrance doors. Instead park up as soon as you enter the carpark.

Carry Your Own Load

Next time you’re tempted to pass the carrier bags to your partner or friends to distribute the load, think again. Shopping bags can become great lifting tools if you are doing lots of shopping. And if you really feel in the spirit, why not bicep curl them?

Find The Stairs

Beat the queues at lifts and escalators. Walking up and down stairs adds a good burst of cardio to your shopping trip.

And finally if like me you’re totally crazy and don’t mind people watching……..

…………………… find a bench and push out some tricep dips. Yes you may get some stares but you’ll have added some strength training to your workout which will help you burn more calories!

Happy shopping 🙂

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One Size Does Not Fit All

I knew I would grab your attention with that title!

I’m talking of fitness of course 🙂

I used to look at runners pounding the street and think, ‘I don’t know why he/she is doing that?’ or ‘How on earth can that be enjoyable?’

But fast forward a few years, and I’m the one pounding the streets come rain, wind, and er more rain and wind (such is our weather!)

You see not everyone is going like one particular activity. Everyone is different.

Some people like doing Zumba, some prefer yoga and others like to jump on a bike for a spinning class.

I was reminded of this again when I went along to the Good Vibes Fitzrovia studio in London this week.

The gym was offering taster sessions of their spin cycle, power plate and yoga classes for the day as part of their first birthday celebrations.

While taking part in a power plate taster session, it was so refreshing to talk to clients who told me that they had finally found a fitness regime they actually enjoyed and could fit into their lifestyles.

One girl told me she hadn’t been to the gym in years until she discovered power plates.

She said the short 25 minute classes meant she could easily fit them around her work and seeing results in her muscle tone lured her to come back weekly.

Asked whether she would consider running, she practically told me to jog on!

So yes, it just goes to show that one size really doesn’t fit all.

What I would suggest is that you try an activity to see if you like it.

If you don’t, move on and try another until you find one that suits you.

I have to say I rather enjoyed my power plate session.

The vibration sensation through my body made me tingle and my teeth chatter when I closed my mouth.

But with my body building goal in full swing, I’m hooked on weights and going back to them.

I’ve discovered that weights is what I enjoy over anything else now and I’m so pleased I’m on this journey.

If you want to give any of the classes at Good Vibes studio a go, visit

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Christmas Health Countdown

Christmas is a mere five and a half weeks away.

But it’s not just the one day we have to be concerned about when it come sot excess drinking and eating, but a good few weeks leading up to it.

So now is the time to start looking at minimising the damage that the festive period can bring.

1 – Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Eating smaller portions spread evenly throughout the day helps rev your metabolism and curb hunger

2 – Include protein at every meal because it has a high thermic effect which means your body burns more calories to digest it. Think meat, fish and eggs.

3 – Don’t forget to drink plenty of water. It helps to keep you hydrated especially when we mistake hydration for hunger.

4. Take regular exercise. No one is telling you to get on a treadmill for hours on end. A walk, a cycle and run around in the park with children all count towards exercising.

5  Alcohol is a major weight loss saboteur.  Try to stick to the odd glass of red if you want an alcoholic drink or a vodka with a low calories mixer. If you can avoid it altogether, even better.

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