No one wants to slave in the kitchen after a long hard days work so here are some quick main meal ideas that are easy to prepare and still nutritious and filling.

3 Quorn sausages, mash made with a little butter and milk, and peas

chicken or tofu stir-fry – bean sprouts, carrots, baby corn, carrots, red and green peppers, onion, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots all tossed together in a wok with a healthy sauce or soy sauce.

1 medium grilled salmon steak topped with 1tbsp ready-made green pesto sauce, served with broccoli, green beans and a medium portion of new potatoes.

1 medium skinless chicken breast fillet marinated in Nando’s sauce, served on 1 medium portion of brown rice, and green beans.

1 portion of cod or other white fish steak, topped with 1tbsp ready-made chilli tomato sauce, served with petit pois, and new potatoes

Spaghetti bolognese (I make mine from veggie mince but beef if you eat that and lots of vegetables) served with whole wheat spaghetti and salad.

2 Chicken and pepper fajita’s with lots of salad

AND my really lazy tip – if you fancy fast food, go to you local kebab shop ask for the grilled chicken on skewers with salad and pitta. Hold the mayonaise and it will still be relatively healthy!

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