It’s begun

So I’ve begun my body sculpting journey finally! I had a bit of a hiccup as I couldn’t find a suitable trainer to take me through the exercise programme. And even now it’s amazing how many different points of views people have about how to get there and what to do. So this really is going to be an interesting challenge 🙂 I’ve already had people telling me “It’s hard you won’t do it”, “it’s difficult for women” “why do you want to look like that? It’s going to take you forever”…..I think they are missing the point. It’s because I WANT to do it and I don’t really care how long it takes. I wish they would just encourage me instead of discouraging me. Anyway I’ve started to eat clean. This means no processed foods whatsoever. I’m eating food that hasn’t been tampered with whatsoever. That’s meat, fish, nuts, seeds, fruit and veg and plenty of water. My body fat is 25% and the aim is to get it down to 12% through lifting heavy, and clean eating. I want to do this in a sensible way with the help of my trainer Tony and anyone else who can offer me support and words of encouragement. So away I go!

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