Keep Your Body Guessing


If you go to the gym and put in the same workout everyday, week in, week out, your body will basically stop working as hard. You see, when we start an exercise routine and do it over and over again, your body gets complacent and is no longer being pushed to work hard. What you need to do is constantly change your routine so the body is kept guessing. So if you normally lift the same amount of weights during a workout session, why not increase the weights and decrease the reps. Alternatively if you go for a run three times a week, why not change one of those runs for a class, or do interval training during those runs. Constantly bringing in new moves and routines will not only help your body to burn fat more efficiently, it will also help alleviate boredom setting in which is one of the reasons most people quit the gym or their exercise sessions. Also if you find that your weight has plateaued, chances are that you’ve got so used to your exercise routine, knowing exactly how long it will take, that it will stay looking the same. So do yourself a favour and mix it up. Confuse your muscles and keep your body guessing. The measuring tape and the scales will both thank you for it! 🙂


About Fitlass

I'm a young, independent, career driven girl with a hectic lifestyle. Once upon a time I used to be fat but now I've changed my ways and lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you how YOU too can be fit and healthy and yet STILL have a lifestyle!
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