Beyond the Gym

Hello readers! I hope you’re well and looking forward to springing into action now that the two coldest months of the year are gone! I don’t know about you, but I find January and February the most depressing and de-motivating months of the year. And then as soon as it hits March, I feel a little spring in my step, and can look ahead to the future with the promise of new beginnings, warmer weather and even a glimpse of sunshine. The same goes for our diet and health. We can all start looking forward to reviewing our eating and exercising habits.

Recent statistics show that wasted gym membership is costing us a fortune with Brits spending an estimated £37 million a year on unused memberships. It’s a disappointing statistic but also a useful one to highlight that there are other ways of keeping fit than merely joining the gym. So it was very timely that I was approached by the team behind trainer Rob Edmond from ITV’s The Biggest Loser this week. Rob has teamed up with SUBWAY® to show you some exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home, whilst nutrition consultant Juliette Kellow and Denise Armstrong from Heart Research UK, provide expert advice on healthy eating and improving your lifestyle.

So with the help and advice from these professionals, you can improve your lifestyle with some easy to do exercises and healthy-eating and lifestyle choices!

I’m pleased to say from April, I too will be giving you more visual inspiration with the launch of my videos on Fitlass showing you how to exercise in the comfort of your home as well as showing you ways of making quick easy healthy meals.

So fun times ahead! Happy days 🙂


About Fitlass

I'm a young, independent, career driven girl with a hectic lifestyle. Once upon a time I used to be fat but now I've changed my ways and lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you how YOU too can be fit and healthy and yet STILL have a lifestyle!
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2 Responses to Beyond the Gym

  1. Babaloo says:

    Really looking forward to your meal ideas!

  2. coachdougbowers says:

    I’ve done my time in gyms but haven’t belonged to a regular gym in many years. I have friends that really enjoy them and that’s good for them. I have a few free weights at home; a skipping rope; weighted vest; ab wheel; and lots of hills, trees and places to run outside. That works best for me.

    Looking forward to your video ideas.


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