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Interval training – you what?

It’s high time I tackled the subject of interval training. Interval what? I hear you ask. Well, exactly……that’s my point! You may have come across the term interval training but not know exactly what it means. Put simply it’s when … Continue reading

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Where does alcohol fit in your diet?

Looking out my window, and looks like spring is actually here! Swimsuit season is right around the corner. We’re already getting into the spirit of summer – ‘spirit’ being the operative work! For starters, we’re guzzling after work cocktails, getting … Continue reading

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Avoid food saboteurs!

Now this issue has been troubling me again recently since I’ve decided to lead a pre-dominantly cave girl lifestyle. There will be a post on this at a later date not too far into the future (Fitlass gone Cavegirl –  seeing … Continue reading

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Walk the walk

Hey fellow readers, I hope you lot have been pounding the streets this week. Why? Because it’s been National Walk to Work Week, that’s why! And if you missed out – or couldn’t due to the sheer distance to the workplace … Continue reading

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Get your eating back in control

We all overeat from time to time – at a party, a celebration, or when on holiday. This is perfectly ok as long as we reign in on gorging everything in sight once the event is over. It’s when we let our … Continue reading

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Green Tea – more than a cuppa

After water, tea is closely followed as the nations most chosen beverage (some would argue its booze, but I assure you it’s not! 🙂 ) And among all the varieties of teas’ out there lining supermarket shelves, it’s green tea … Continue reading

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