Kick cravings to the curb

People assume that just because I eat well and exercise, I’m an absolute angel and probably not prone to cravings! But hey I’m only human! (the topic’s not open for discussion by the way 🙂 ) Worse still, if people see me swigging a pint of Stella or eating a chocolate bar, they tut and shake their heads like I’ve committed the worst sin of all! But as I said of course just like any other person I do get cravings. The key is to actually work with your cravings as opposed to fight them because that is when things go wrong. Over the years I have found small little ways to keep cravings and my weight in check.
Plan on giving in
Depriving yourself is a recipe for disaster. We all know this through the tried and tested method. We torture ourselves by sticking to a strict regime for a few days and when we can’t take any more, we give in and overindulge. So a little bit of what you fancy goes a long way and won’t ruin your waistline in the long run. If it helps allocate some indulgence calories from your daily allowance and savour the moment.
Collect your sweet wrappers
You know that 1kg tub of Quality streets you’ve got (what do you mean it’s gone?!!) Well it’s ok to have a couple of sweets and then put the tub out of reach. But how often have you taken out a handful of sweets, eaten them, got rid of the evidence and ‘pretend’ you’ve not touched them? Once convinced, you start the process all over again within five minutes. Well next time keep tally of the sweet wrappers and you’ll know exactly how many you’ve scoffed. The evidence will be right there in front of you.
Get off facebook
Ok that goes for other social networking sites, checking emails and surfing. We often chomp on foods mindlessly without a second thought or enjoyment of what we are actually putting in our mouths because we’re so busy stalking someone we shouldn’t on facebook. That’s why it’s good to cut out distractions. When your attention isn’t diverted, you can truly savour what you’re eating—and that satisfaction will help you control mindless snacking or overeating.
Trade Offs
Tell yourself you will do an extra 20 mins at the gym or have a lighter meal in exchange for that Mars mar. Honestly it really works and you won’t feel guilty in the slightest. To me this is the best solution ever.
Not so sweetener
I’ll be doing a blog post on this soon so look out for it but in the meantime, do your best to give up artificial sweetener. Having this sweet stuff tricks your brain into thinking it’s getting a sugar fix, however, the minute the brain registers it’s been duped, you will want more which will be sending your insulin levels all over the place. Studies have shown that those that give up sweetener have more success with their cravings.
Well those are just some of my ways to manage my cravings, please do add to the list of your tricks so the rest of us can curb cravings like a pro too. 🙂


About Fitlass

I'm a young, independent, career driven girl with a hectic lifestyle. Once upon a time I used to be fat but now I've changed my ways and lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you how YOU too can be fit and healthy and yet STILL have a lifestyle!
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