Do slim friends mean a trim you?

Ok this post is a wee bit sensitive, I know, but it’s a subject that I want to tackle. I remember when I was “fat” my mum would often tell me to emulate my sister’s eating habits as then I wouldn’t be so, …..well….. FAT! But how true is this theory? Does hanging out with slim people really make you slim?

According to various research, there is some evidence to suggest that if we keep slim friends we are more likely to stay slim. This is because we subconsciously pick up habits from our friends. For example, when we have a close friend who becomes obese, obesity may not look that bad and then you change your idea about what an acceptable body type is which may help to explain why we continue to get fatter as a nation too.

Another thing we apparently do is love the idea of group suffering of “all being in this together”. I mean how often do we laugh and poke fun at our “bad” habits?  We satisfy a basic human need of hating to be different, so we hang out with ‘people like us.’ 

So if the above is to be taken into account, then surely there is something to be gained from hanging out with slim people? Now let me be clear in my definition of a slim person. This is someone who naturally or effortlessly eats healthily and exercises the majority of the time as opposed to someone who starves and struggles with their bodies. They are people who invariably eat only in response to hunger. So if you are struggling with weight issues is it perhaps time to model your behaviour on a slimmer person? I did after my mum’s words struck a chord with me. I guessed I had nothing to lose but gain weight so gave it a go. Here are some traits I learned from slim people during my weight loss journey which were a real eye opener. 🙂 

Exercise With Intuition
Naturally thin people enjoy a variety of fitness activities in reasonable amounts. They exercise on a regular basis without going overboard.  They use exercise guidelines, but in a way that honors their bodies needs.  Their bodies just seem to know how much exercise is right for them.

Weight Maintenance

Naturally thin people have a stable weight and don’t worry what it is. They don’t weight, measure or otherwise keep track of their bodies dimensions. They don’t need to weight themselves because they trust their bodies to regulate their own weight.

Knowing Why To Eat

Naturally thin people eat when they are hungry, but for other reasons as well. They eat because their bodies need fuel but also sometimes even if they are not hungry. The kep is proportion and to be in tune with what their body needs. And if they want to eat out of desire once in a while, they don’t beat themselves over it.

Positive Attitude
Naturally thin people have a positive view of themselves and their lives. People who have never had a weight problem know that the key to happiness is in how they perceive themselves and their lives. They have a wonderful self-image, because they

Know What To Eat
Naturally thin people eat exactly what they are hungry for. They seem to have an inherent sense of what they really need. they’ll go out of their way to get what they are hungry for, even if it means making a shopping trip. If that’s not possible, then they substitute another similar food.

 Know  How Much To Eat
Naturally thin people stop eating before they get too full. They often leave food on their plates when dining out, because the typical restaurant portion is more than a body needs. When dining at home, they often finished what is on their plates if they served themselves, because they are in tune with how much food their bodies will need and only put that much on their plates.

Now I’m not suggesting you go out and ditch your bigger friends in favour of slimmer ones. I’m also not telling you for one moment that all big people have bad habits and all slim people have good habits, but if you can pick up any good habits from someone who looks after their body, then it can only be a good thing right? The above tips are the ones that I have picked up over the years and they worked for me.  Just pick up some good habits from your health conscious friends and with your newly found wisdom, who knows they’ll be second nature to you in no time! Thoughts?


About Fitlass

I'm a young, independent, career driven girl with a hectic lifestyle. Once upon a time I used to be fat but now I've changed my ways and lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you how YOU too can be fit and healthy and yet STILL have a lifestyle!
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One Response to Do slim friends mean a trim you?

  1. Harj says:

    It is true that we like to “copy” others’ behaviour when they are in better shape than us. I was recently asking a work colleague what her secret was to a size 8 figure. All the food she described was healthy and nutritious but I was hoping she would unveil some hidden vice of chocolates, cakes and biscuits!!! Her only indulgence is apparently a glass of chilled white wine : ( I had to be consoled by reminding myself that she hasn’t had two kids!!

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