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Spring clean your diet

Hoorah! Spring is finally here! You know this is one of the best times of year. The clocks have just sprung forward, the days are getting warmer (alright most of the time!) the evenings lighter and we’ve still got the summer … Continue reading

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Get fruity!

Fruit is a healthy snack. It’s no wonder boffins and other nutrition experts bang on about it all the time.But did you know that fruit is also high in natural sugar and we should be savvy about which fruits to go … Continue reading

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Shhhh…..are you listening to your body?

I was inspired to write today’s post after earwigging a conversation between two women in a coffee shop (don’t you just love listening to peoples conversations?!!) One was saying to the other how she wasn’t hungry at all but was adamant that she … Continue reading

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Feel fuller for longer

No this is not a free advert for M&S! This is about curbing your hunger. how many times have you been on a “diet”,  had a meal and then an hour later thought, “I’m bloody hungry again!” Quite a lot of … Continue reading

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Have you lost your motivation?

“Yes but I have no motivation!”………………. Now, how often have I come across that statement? The reason most people fail with weight loss is they don’t know how to keep motivated to lose weight. But small approaches to losing weight … Continue reading

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A “Personal” touch to “Training”

Personal trainers are all the rage with celebs whose careers lean heavily on their personal appearance. They were once seen as a luxury rather than a necessity but now more and more people are turning to one whether its to give … Continue reading

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