New Year, New You! – faith on the path to weight loss

It’s new years eve and tons of people are making new years resolutions left right and centre. Losing weight and being healthy ranks really high among them. But how many times have you been at this crossroad before only to make the same resolution the following year (er…and not forgetting the numerous times you did so during the 52 weeks in between!!) ? Well I want to share with you that could be vital to your weight loss. It’s FAITH.

When you hear faith, you may think of religion but whether or not you believe in God, faith is important to reach your goals. Now while your goal is to lose weight and be fit and healthy, you may need to have an athlete’s mindset of winning to overcome the major obstacle in weight loss.

Three steps to have faith.

There was a really cracking article I read called The Psychology of the Winner in which the writer talks about three qualities to determine how successful you can be. Use this criteria and he says there’s no reason why shedding that weight and being fit for life won’t be yours.


The very word self-discipline conjures up thoughts of restraint or punishment. But the writer says it’s actually all about positive reinforcement. Winning is not about what you will not do, it’s about improving daily to to reach an expected end. Setting a goal to work out three times a week is a good way to self-discipline. If you go to lengths to do what you say you will, failure will show up less and less often.


You’ve lost a few pounds, put them back on, lost a few and then put them on. This may give you the idea that you can’t lose weight. But isn’t it good to learn that it’s human nature to avoid losing? Why else would you keep trying? The best way to stay motivated and get your competitive streak is to put yourself in a position where you will win on a regular basis. Find a working partner, sign up for a 10k run or join a class. They are all ways to motivate yourself to win. By consistently doing your best to win, you will believe that you deserve success.

Positive Self-esteem

This is the criteria I survive on. Not only for keeping in shape, but in other areas of my life too. Self-discipline and competitiveness hinge on having a positive view of your self. When you don’t feel good about your self, it’s hard to believe you can accomplish anything. What’s more, low self-esteem strips away your ability to enjoy your accomplishments. An easy test of self-esteem is your ability to accept compliments. (I’m damn good at this!) Another good way to build self-esteem is through visualisation. Many of us have photos that define a happier time in our lives. Post that photo in your car, on your fridge, in your bathroom or anywhere else that you will see often. Each time you look at it, will give your spirits a boost.

So I want you to take these criteria on board and really believe in yourself that you can and WILL achieve the ideal body in 2011. afterall what have you got to lose apart from pounds and fat?!! And you’ll have all my support in 2011 and beyond. Happy New Year! Love Fitlass x


About Fitlass

I'm a young, independent, career driven girl with a hectic lifestyle. Once upon a time I used to be fat but now I've changed my ways and lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you how YOU too can be fit and healthy and yet STILL have a lifestyle!
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