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Instantly slim men and women!

Right, we all know we’re getting into the festival season and want to look good but what if there isn’t enough time to sensibly shed those pounds of fat fast enough? Luckily there’s no need to throw in the towel and eat for England or … Continue reading

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Don’t be a party pooper!

Can you believe the festive season is upon us? And while most of us look forward to it as eagerly as we did as children, for some the holidays can be a major obstacle if they’re watching their weight. Most parties are by definition … Continue reading

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Changing to low fat cooking

How many times have I heard “It’s ok, it’s olive oil, it’s good for you” while someone is pouring lashes of it in their cooking or drizzling it over their salad? (Actually my mum says this too me every time she … Continue reading

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Battle of the (baby) bulge

Ok so this post is going to relate to all my readers (yes you men, and of course some women) But I reckon everyone knows someone who is either pregnant, has just given birth, or will do in the future, … Continue reading

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Small steps to burn fat fast

When people decide to take control of their diet and lifestyle, they think they have to overhaul their whole lifestyle in one big swoop. They try to make major changes overnight and then wonder why they fail when they can’t … Continue reading

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Health fitness writer

Health fitness writer

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Getting to the core of it

There was a time when I viewed exercise as a pure means of burning those dreaded calories. I would jump on the treadmill and keep my beady eye on the monitor that told me how many calories I was burning (annoyingly … Continue reading

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