Baring all for a new challenge.

Ok almost baring all 🙂 It’s been a long time since I set myself a challenge but it’s one that I’m really excited about even if it means giving up alcohol for a whole three weeks! I’m entering a sports modelling competition and looking at the entires so far, I need to be in tip-top condition for a chance to win. The category I am entering is the style category which will mark me on my toned athletic look as well as personality (I clearly have some hope!). I’ve not had to keep an eye on what I eat or drink much since I shed the mammoth four stones but now I want to make sure that I’m looking superfit for my photoshoot which is in three weeks time from today. Aside from wanting to win the competition, the challenge will help me experience again what a number of you are doing at the moment – keeping an eye on your weight and being careful about what you are eating.

I sought advice on this from a member from my gym Mark who said one of the best ways to keep things in check was to go back to eating food as least processed as possible. So he advised that I cut out sugar, dairy, wheat and alcohol for the next three weeks. I asked if this was a bit too extreme and he said actually it would do my body a lot of good because by cutting out these four, I would automatically be eating a varied healthy diet. To be honest, I could do with eating less sugar and drinking less alcohol anyway but it will be challenging for a social animal like me. As for dairy, I drink soya milk and I’m not a big fan of cheese or fruit yoghurt, so I will be ok on that front.  But giving up wheat? Now that will be another challenge as I do like my toast and chilli sauce most mornings or as a snack. But when Mark said it may help reduce the bloating, I thought I would give it a go too. So as of today it’s lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, pulses, oats and water as well as keeping up my exercise regime. I will keep you posted on how well I am doing and feeling during the course of the three weeks. The evidence of the transformed body will of course follow in the form of my photos from my shoot. Wish me luck!

Sample menu


Porridge made with soya milk with blueberries

Mid-morning snack



Jacket potato, tuna, salad, grapes

Afternoon snack

Oatcakes with peanut butter


Salmon, with brocoli, carrots and sweetcorn. Alpro soya based dessert



About Fitlass

I'm a young, independent, career driven girl with a hectic lifestyle. Once upon a time I used to be fat but now I've changed my ways and lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you how YOU too can be fit and healthy and yet STILL have a lifestyle!
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