Give weekend calories the boot

You’ve been good all week – stuck to eating your five-a-day, skipped along to the gym 3 times, resisted genuine restraint before the fridege and now it’s the weekend, all you want to do is let your hair down (in my case literally!) and head for nutritional hedonism. Research shows that controlled eating regularly goes out of the kitchen window during the weekend. Come on we have all done it at some point. In fact I remember my ex-housemate who was constantly on a diet used to do it virtually every weekend. He was as good as gold all week but then at the weekends he’d go on a bender and I would often wake up to find remanents of a dirty kebab on the kitchen unit! But it doesn’t have to be like that and I have picked up ways of making the best of our indulgences by following some simple tips to trim the fat from our fun filled well deserved fun packed weekends………

Tips to resist downtime derailments

Friday night………. at the pub

Welcome in the weekend with a Guinness (21ocals)rather than a Stella (250cal) (I know this one hurts for me guys!) but it saves 40 calories on a pint. If Guinness is not up your street then opt for a lower strength beer which will shave off around 60 calories. You can also save on spirits too – whisky and ginger ale will set you back 82cals and a vodka and diet coke will be even less at around 50cals. And if you really get the munchies then opt for a bag of crisps at around 150 cals instead of a packet of peanuts which can be twice as much.

Saturday Night…….at the Indian

No need to lose your dietary discipline just because a curry gets you weak at the taste buds. Instead order your lean protein with a tandoori sauce (300cals) rather than the nation’s favourite tikka masala (700cals). As for the sides, I’d go for a chappatti (150cals) instead of a whopper naan  (300cals). Plain rice (250) instead of pilau (375cals) will cut out more without compromising on taste.

Sunday night…….at the cinema

Did you see that recent article about a large bag of popcorn at cinema containing (gulp) 1800 cals? Well you don’t have to be a mathematician to give that bag a boot even if you are sharing it. Stick to smaller pre-packaged bags of popcorn on sale and share it to practically half the calories. Swap a full fat drink for a Coke Zero and choose a Solero (99cals) over a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (280cals) to stop you derailing from the nutrition bandwagon.

………on the way home don’t make contact with the kebab van instead….

Prepare a meal in advance so that you have something to look forward to if you are still hungry. I like to prepare a massive stir-fry on nights out so that if I feel ravenous when I fall through the door I can indulge in something guilt-free that won’t give me a kebab belly but still leave me satisfied. Becasue we all know that’s not a good look now is it?!

Enjoy your weekend! 


About Fitlass

I'm a young, independent, career driven girl with a hectic lifestyle. Once upon a time I used to be fat but now I've changed my ways and lead a healthy lifestyle. I want to show you how YOU too can be fit and healthy and yet STILL have a lifestyle!
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